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Why are so many American women dying from childbirth?

Most people would assume that our country is one of the safest, if not the safest, in which to give birth. However, three women die while giving birth every day in the U.S. In fact, maternal mortality has doubled in recent years.

The risk of dying from childbirth, sadly, appears to be linked to race and ethnicity. Latina women are twice as likely to die as white women. Black women are four times more likely to die.

Compensation in wrongful death cases involving children

When Florida residents file a wrongful death suit following the death of a loved one, it may seem impossible to put a monetary value on that person's life. However, that's what such a suit ultimately asks a judge and/or jury to do. It's part of the job of personal injury attorneys to help their clients to determine how much compensation to seek, using a number of factors, such as the person's earning potential.

It's understandable that the earning potential of an elderly person would generally be lower than that of someone decades younger. Estimating the earning potential of someone who has finished his or her education and is already working is relatively simple. However, when a child dies, it's virtually impossible to assess that child's earning potential over a lifetime.

Tips for staying safe on Florida roads over the holidays

Thanksgiving week kicks off the beginning of our holiday travel season that lasts until after the first of the year. Our Florida roads are filled not only with residents driving to visit family and friends within the state, but with tourists from across the country and around the world seeking sun, warmth and Disney World.

Following are some important reminders to people who are on the roads over the holidays to help you and your family get to and from your destinations safely.

What foods are most likely to make you ill?

When people hear about the seemingly-endless food recalls due to possible contamination by bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and listeria, it may feel like nothing is completely safe to eat anymore. No food can be guaranteed to be free from contamination. However, some foods are more likely to lead to foodborne illnesses and cause food poisoning than others.

Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, let's talk about poultry first. "Poultry" refers to turkeys, chickens, ducks and other fowl. It's more important for poultry to be cooked properly than other types of meat. Poultry is particularly susceptible to contamination by salmonella. Other types of meat, including beef and pork, however, can also cause organisms and parasites that cause illness if not cooked properly.

What is the most common birth injury?

We've talked here before about the various types of injuries, and in some cases long-lasting disabilities, that can occur to a baby as he or she is being born. Of all of the injuries that can occur during childbirth, however, the most common involve clavicle (collarbone) fractures.

These can happen for a number of reasons:

Faulty car seat backs remain a problem, despite tragic incidents

The laws involving how children must be secured when riding in a vehicle have changed considerably since when many of us were young. Gone are the days when kids sat in the front seat with their parents, maybe with a seat belt and maybe not. Now children must be secured in a safety seat in one of the rear seats. Sadly, however, that very position can be fatal because of another issue -- faulty seat backs.

In one case, a 16-month-old girl died when her family's Honda Odyssey was rear-ended by a driver going 55 mph. The impact of the crash caused her father's seat back to collapse, fatally striking the little girl in the head.

Helping car accident victims so that they can focus on healing

When you're injured in a serious car accident, your life is going to be turned upside down for a while. While getting the necessary medical care and therapy to heal is going to be at the forefront of your concerns, there are going to be seemingly mountains of paperwork and red tape to ensure that the costs of your health care are covered, or at least recovered or reimbursed later.

At Freiden Brown, P.A., we use our almost century of legal experience to advocate for accident victims and help them deal with multiple insurance companies while they can concentrate on their recovery. We also investigate the circumstances of the accident to help determine whether there are other sources of compensation that can help pay for medical care, vehicle repair or replacement, lost wages and other damages.

Supplement taken by Lamar Odom had faced regulators' scrutiny

Many Florida residents had never heard of something called Reload until former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom was rushed to a hospital after being found unconscious earlier this month at a brothel in Nevada. According to the local sheriff, Odom had taken 10 tablets of the supplement that has been called "herbal Viagra" during his stay at the brothel.

The local sheriff described the supplement as a "sexual performance enhancer." The brothel's owner, Dennis Hof, confirmed that Odom had taken "a lot" of the supplement during his three-day visit. He said that the former NBA player, perhaps most recently better known for his high-profile marriage and break-up with reality star Khloe Kardashian, had purchased the supplement at the Love Ranch. When discussing Reload, Hof noted, "They say it's for erectile dysfunction. Basically, it gives you more energy."

Hands-free technology doesn't remove distractions for drivers

We've all been warned about the dangers of talking on a cellphone while driving. In some states, it's illegal to talk on a hand-held device while operating a vehicle. In Florida, it's still legal. However, hands-free technology doesn't lead to distraction-free driving.

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that even when a person is making a phone call or sending a text via hands-free technology, that driver can remain distracted by that activity for as much as 27 seconds longer. That's enough time to get into a crash.

BMW mysteriously explodes in flames in South Florida driveway

There's a mystery here in South Florida about what caused a BMW to burst into flames earlier this month. The explosion occurred in the middle of the night as it sat parked in the driveway of the owner's West Park home.

The woman was awakened by her son, who alerted her that the car was engulfed in flames. The two of them used a hose to try to extinguish the fire before it could spread to the home. As she showed a local news reporter, all that's left of the car's hood are chunks of melted metal and charred plastic.

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