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Carbon monoxide can injure, kill Floridians

Property owners are required by law to ensure to the best of their ability that their property is safe for anyone who lives, works or visits there. At Freidin Dobrinsky Brown & Rosenblum, P.A., we work to hold property owners liable for any negligence that has caused a person's injury or death.

People often associate this area of law, which is called premises liability, with things like slip and fall accidents, drownings and lack of security. It does encompass all of those things and more.

What do classifications mean in defective product recalls?

Florida consumers are always hearing about product recalls in which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is involved. The FDA regulates a number of products, not all of which are actually food or drugs; however, most are.

These include approximately 80 percent of food products, animal feed, human and animal drugs, vaccines and medical devices. The agency also oversees recalls of cosmetics, products that emit radiation, human tissue used for transplants and blood.

Where do you turn when your baby suffers a birth injury?

Having a baby is usually one of the most joyful times in people's lives. However, when your child is born with an injury or disability, that joy is quickly replaced by fear, anger, confusion, sadness and helplessness.

People often don't differentiate between a birth defect and a birth injury. However, they are not the same thing. Birth injuries are caused by something that happened during the baby's delivery, while birth defects occur while the fetus is developing.

Why are many of Florida's older drivers safer than younger ones?

Older drivers tend to get a bad rap. However, a study done by the Automobile Association of America's Foundation for Traffic Safety found that they less likely to engage in unsafe driving behaviors than their younger counterparts.

Interestingly, older drivers seem to support greater restrictions for people of their generation. Over 70 percent of those surveyed said they favored requirements for drivers over 75 to pass medical screenings and to renew their licenses in person.

Learn more about recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury

We recently published an interesting SlideShare presentation regarding the serious consequences often suffered by those with mild traumatic brain injuries. Take a look at the presentation below for information regarding the potentially catastrophic symptoms that often result from such injuries.

How can Florida drivers prevent driveway tragedies?

Florida parents take multiple steps to keep their children safe while they're riding in the car and crossing the street. However, over 9,000 children are injured every year by cars and other vehicles in driveways, parking lots and streets by drivers who did not see them playing or standing nearby. Tragically, the drivers who accidentally injure or kill children under these circumstances are often family members and friends.

There are some easy safety measures that parents and other drivers can take to help ensure that children are not injured or killed by drivers who don't see them when they are pulling out of a driveway or parking space.

Floridians can hold property owners responsible for toxic mold

The damp weather that we in South Florida regularly experience can infiltrate our homes and cause toxic mold. While sometimes, mold is easy to see and smell, too often, people have it in their home and don't even realize it. It often spreads inside walls and underneath floors.

Sometimes, people are suffering the physical effects of mold without realizing it. The symptoms caused by exposure to mold can be mistaken for allergies and other medical issues. Sometimes, even experienced doctors don't even recognize what's causing the problems.

'Right-to-try' laws allow use of still-unapproved drugs

When people suffer from a terminal illness, it's understandable that they and their loved ones are willing to try just about any drug or treatment that could help them. This includes drugs that have not yet received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. That approval process can take a decade or more.

However, understandably, pharmaceutical companies and physicians are concerned about the legal ramifications if an unproven treatment goes wrong. That's why some states are passing "right-to-try" laws.

Distractions for teen drivers go beyond cellphones

Recently, we discussed what people can do when they have an elderly loved one who can no longer safely drive. Driving can become a problem for people as they age due to slowed response time, medications and physical and emotional conditions. However, young people's unsafe driving habits are more likely to involve being distracted.

While that's hardly news to many Florida parents, a study conducted by The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that teen distracted driving is even worse than they realized. This is significant because young drivers have a higher crash rate than those in any other age group.

How do you limit or stop a Florida loved one's driving?

Florida is known for its large population of seniors. Many people can drive safely well into their senior years. Others, whether because of physical or mental limitations or medications they are taking, should not be behind the wheel. They may be a danger to themselves and others.

If you are a family member and/or caretaker of an older person, what signs should you look out for that it's time to find other modes of transportation? What steps should you take to help someone maintain the independence we all want for as long as possible?

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