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Why early diagnosis of cerebral palsy is crucial

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury that many Florida parents may not become aware that their child has suffered for months or possibly even years, depending on the severity of the condition. Mild cases of CP may not be obvious until a child is walking and talking, while others may become obvious in infancy.

However, early diagnosis of CP can be crucial to getting children the special care, therapy and educational and rehabilitation services they may require. Proper diagnosis involves developmental screening, monitoring and medical evaluations.

How are over-the-counter drugs regulated to help ensure safety?

Many Florida residents don't give much thought to the safety of their over-the-counter medications. What they may not realize is the safety of these drugs is the responsibility of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has a process for review and approval of drugs sold over the counter before they can be marketed to consumers. In an increasing number of cases, they have allowed drugs that previously required a prescription from a physician to be available to the general public without a prescription.

Florida car accidents can cause head and/or brain injuries

Many people who aren't in the medical profession use the terms "head injury" and "brain injury" interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. A person can suffer one, the other or both. While these injuries can be the result of falls and athletic activities such as football and other contact sports, many Floridians suffer head and brain injuries in car accidents.

Brain injuries can result in any combination of neurological, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physical issues. This can happen when the brain is jostled about.

How can Florida nursing home falls can be prevented?

We've previously discussed the troubling issue of nursing home abuse and neglect. However, not all dangers to nursing home residents can easily be linked to the facility or staff. For example, falls are a significant cause of injuries and deaths in nursing homes.

Every year, about 1,800 people die from injuries suffered in these falls. Those who survive may be left with fractures, permanently disabilities and increased anxiety and depression that can reduce their quality of life.

The Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan

When Florida parents have a baby who sustains a birth injury with permanent implications for his or her life, a medical malpractice suit is often one of their considerations if they believe the injury may have been due to negligence or error on the part of health care professionals. However, if for some reason compensation is not available through a malpractice suit, there may be another option.

The Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan provides benefits for qualifying children who sustain a spinal cord or brain injury during labor, delivery or immediately following birth. The plan, commonly known as NICA, provides benefits to these children for a lifetime.

How do you know if you have a medical malpractice claim?

It's not uncommon for Floridians who have experienced a bad medical outcome and particularly the death of a loved one to consider a medical malpractice suit if they believe that a medical professional was negligent or made an error. However, not all medical mistakes and cases of negligence meet the requirements needed to file a medical malpractice claim.

There are four elements that must be present to support a medical malpractice claim. Your attorney must be able to prove all of them for the case to succeed.

Take steps to recover from a mild traumatic brain injury

Have you suffered a trauma to the head or a loss of oxygen and are now experiencing symptoms you don't understand? Often, those who suffer mild traumatic brain injuries have a difficult time obtaining an accurate diagnosis. Meanwhile, they suffer from serious consequences, such as headaches, nausea and feelings of confusion and disorientation.

We recently published a white paper addressing these critical issues encountered by those with mild traumatic brain injuries.

Helping Florida victims of misdiagnosed aortic dissections

Most people aren't familiar with an aortic dissection until it happens to them or to someone they know. It's a relatively rare but potentially fatal condition. It is seen most frequently in older men between 60 and 80. People with high blood pressure are also more likely to suffer an aortic dissection than those with normal blood pressure.

An aortic dissection occurs when a large blood vessel near the heart tears. Blood seeps through the tear and causes a separation or dissection in the aorta.

Why are fatality rates for private aircraft rising?

Many of our readers may remember the tragic story from January of this year involving a family returning from a Key West vacation in their private plane. The plane crashed in Kentucky, killing four people -- two adults and two children. The sole survivor was a 7-year-old girl who, dressed for a Florida vacation rather than a cold January night further north, walked alone through the woods to get help.

While some small aircraft tragedies make the news because the victims were prominent people or because of inspiring survival stories, there are more private airplane crashes than many people realize. In fact, while commercial airline safety has improved over the years, general aviation accident rates have remained largely unchanged. While air and vehicle fatality rates aren't measured comparably, some statistics indicate that more people are killed in private planes than automobiles.

Lead is still present in some children's toys and jewelry

Many Florida parents assume that the dangers associated with lead poisoning in their children's toys are a thing of the past. However, as recently as December 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that some children's toys and jewelry could contain potentially-dangerous amounts of lead.

The United States banned lead in children's products as well as cookware, dishes and house paint back in 1978. However, it is still commonly found in items manufactured in other countries.

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