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July 2011 Archives

Woman sues Miami hotel in connection with traumatic brain injury

We all expect police officers to be alert and careful. Police officers are not allowed to drink alcohol while on duty so that they are ready to do their jobs if the need arises. A Seattle woman is learning just why police officers should not drink on the job after an intoxicated officer hit her with his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) while she was walking on Miami Beach.

Wrong-site surgery rate still high after guidelines adopted

Imagine going into the hospital for a knee replacement on your right knee, but the doctor operates on and replaces your healthy left knee. Imagine instead that the surgeon gives you a total hip replacement. Or, that he gives a complete stranger the new knee you were scheduled to have gotten. These types of surgical errors seem impossible, but a new report says these types of negligent "wrong-site surgeries" are happening across the country at a rate of 40 per week.

Kids in car accidents are safer with grandparents than parents

Many adults believe that as their parents get older and become grandparents, the grandparents' ability to drive safely declines. They may even feel a tinge of worry when small children are riding in a vehicle with grandpa or grandma at the wheel. However, a recent study found that in reality children are safer in vehicles driven by their grandparents than they are in vehicles driven by their parents.

Paris Hilton's brother to pay millions for car accident

Paris Hilton has a younger brother who is going to be somewhat less wealthy due to a multimillion-dollar damage award he has been ordered to pay. Barron Hilton was the defendant in a lawsuit brought by a man he struck with his vehicle in 2008.

Study: Malpractice suits not to blame for rising health care costs

A new study by the non-profit citizen group Public Citizen, which analyzed data from the National Practitioner Data Bank, shows that medical malpractice payouts have dropped every year for the past seven years and have now hit an all-time low. Furthermore, the cumulative value of the payouts in 2010, adjusted for inflation, was the lowest on record, and in actual dollars they were the lowest since 1998.

Tragedy at daycare center

The recent tragedy at a Homestead daycare center appears to have been preventable.  The Miami Herald reported today that it appears that 22-month old Dominicue Andrews died as a result of being left in the daycare center's van all day.  Institutions that profit from caring for children and the elderly need to have guidelines in place to ensure that they can account for each individual at all times. 

Medical malpractice led to explosion of patient's eyeball

Medical malpractice cases almost always involve profound and painful suffering because of an unacceptable medical error. That is certainly the case for a 60-year-old man who lost an eye in a terrible example of a grievous medical mistake.

Defective seat belts lead to $40 million verdict against Kia

The jury in the case of a sixteen-year-old driver who was killed in a car accident while driving a Kia automobile has decided that the automaker was responsible for the girl's wrongful death. Both Kia Motors and the manufacturer of its seat belt buckles, Celltrion DBI Inc., have been ordered to pay the girl's family $40 million in damages.

Mobile phone apps are new cause of distracted driving crashes

Mobile phone applications that allow users of smart phones to access the internet to retrieve information or play music or games are becoming more popular and more common as increasing numbers of people migrate to high-capability phones. As is often the case with new technology, young people are early adopters of phone apps and use them on a regular basis.

Medicare fraud rampant in South Florida

Two recent cases reported in the Miami Herald demonstrate the Medicare Fraud is still rampant in South Florida.  For example, Dr. Rene de los Rios was sentenced to almost twenty years in prison for his role in a conspiracy that fraudulently billed Medicare $19/7 million for HIV treatments that were either unnecessary or not provided. 

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