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August 2011 Archives

Nova Southeastern helps patients with spinal cord injuries

Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, is revolutionizing treatment for people living with spinal cord injuries. The university has given out eight Apple iPads to current patients with spinal cord injuries and plans to give out 12 more to others in Broward County.

Miami singer's father kills two outside of store in Miami-Dade

Miami is reeling from the tragic loss of two women, one of whom was six-months pregnant, after an elderly driver mistook his accelerator for a brake. The two women were sitting on a bench in front of the store owned by one of the women when the driver stepped on his accelerator as he tried to park his car. The car accident killed both women instantly.

One arrested in a drag race crash that killed three teens

Driving at high speeds can be unsafe, but drag racing can put the driver, his or her passengers, other motorists, and spectators' lives in even more danger. Drag racing may provide a rush of adrenaline, but the risk of what could happen if something went wrong should be enough to deter anyone from doing it. Sadly, many teens still participate in the unsafe behavior. After a recent drag racing accident that caused the death of three teenagers in Doral, Florida, hopefully the teens of Miami will be a little bit more cautious when driving.

Mother remembers daughter's fatal motorcycle accident

Nearly one year ago, a Miami Heat dancer tragically lost her life in a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident. Her mother still feels the pain of the accident and met with another woman at the accident site to mourn the loss of her daughter.

Traumatic brain injury rehab "graduates" celebrate in Miami

Six teenagers who have suffered traumatic brain injuries are finally graduating from the Jackson Memorial Hospital's outpatient pediatric rehabilitation program. Most of the six were injured in car accidents and at one time were on the verge of death. Now, after several years of medical treatments and rehabilitation, they are ready to graduate and to have fun.

Doctor asks for new medical malpractice trial

When doctors are negligent or careless they can cause serious injury or even death. The amount of money needed to deal with severe medical issues after doctors mess up can be quite high. There are often high medical bills to fix an error, money to compensate for pain and suffering, and occasionally for wrongful death. An Orlando doctor has just been found liable for medical malpractice and is starting to understand just how hefty medical malpractice awards can be.

Florida girl's progress with one-year-old spinal cord injury

Approximately one year ago, a Florida girl fell from the top of the Terminal Velocity water ride at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. The girl's 100-foot fall left her with a stretched spinal cord and other serious injuries. Now, the 13-year-old girl has shown tremendous improvement.

Florida day care center sued after child dies in its care

Day care centers undertake a lot of responsibility to keep children safe. When a child dies in a day care center's care, it is reasonable to think that it failed to do something to protect the child. A family in Homestead, Florida, recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the day care center where a 22-month-old toddler recently died.

Speeding motorcyclist kills elderly pedestrian walking to store

A recent motorcycle accident has claimed the life of an elderly woman on her way to the store and has left the motorcycle driver hospitalized with serious injuries. The accident happened on Spring Hill Drive in Spring Hill, Florida, as the woman tried to cross the street to go shopping.

Lifeguard hits sunbather with truck while on beach patrol

A Daytona Beach Shores lifeguard's accident is raising questions about the safety of Beach Patrol lifeguards driving pickup trucks on the beach. The 21-year-old lifeguard had been driving in one of the beach lanes when a beachgoer told him of some broken glass near the water. The lifeguard then swung wide to make a U-turn and hit a sunbather in the head with his right front wheel. The sunbather had spent the morning with her husband on the beach.

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