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Plane Crashes In Georgia, Killing Five

A private jet carrying a surgeon and his medical staff crashed in Georgia Wednesday evening after hitting a utility pole, killing five and injuring two.

The plane ignited into flames after the left wing crashed into the pole, causing the plane to leak fuel. Pieces of the plane were strewn over 100 yards, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Investigators are still looking into why the plane aborted its landing right before it crashed into the pole.

The plane was a Hawker Beechcraft 390/Premier I, a small private jet that seats eight, and was carrying staff of the Vein Guys clinic from Augusta, Ga. Those onboard included two pilots, a surgeon, two ultrasound technicians, a nurse anesthetist and a secretary. The two survivors were taken to the hospital.

The plane crash also started a small brush fire in the woods were it crashed.

Earlier this year, two medical helicopters crashed within eight hours of each other, one in Iowa and one in Oklahoma, killing three. The first crash took place in Oklahoma when an Air Methods helicopter crash landed, injuring the four crew members on board. A few hours later a Med-Trans helicopter, crashed around 9 p.m. into a field in Iowa, killing all three passengers on board including a nurse, a paramedic and the pilot. There we no patients on either medical aircraft at the time of the accidents. In both cases, the helicopters suffered serious damage.

If you have lost a loved one in a plane crash, or if you are a plane crash survivor, you will probably be contacted shortly after the accident by someone from the airlines insurance company. He or she will make you a settlement offer and ask you to sign a document. Before you accept any offers or sign any documents, it's important to talk to an experienced aviation disaster attorney. Otherwise, you could be signing away your rights for filing a future claim against the airline insurer, the airline, the plane manufacturer, or the company responsible for maintaining the airplane.

Aviation law is complex and involves both state and federal law. In addition, commercial, military, private plane crashes are each covered by different rules and regulations.

Source: The Miami Herald, "NTSB: Plane aborted landed, hit utility pole," Feb. 20, 2013.

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